Resurrected Furniture Design at the Brimfield, Massachusetts Antique Show  

We love visiting the Brimfield, Massachusetts Antique Show every single year as a vendor, it's one of the best times to show off our stuff, see what others are doing, and just connect with the thousands of people that come out to look at stuff! You'd be surprised at the number of people we've met that have traveled across the country just to make it to this antique show. People book out entire hotels years in advance for the show If you're looking for variety, this is the place to find it. The show has plenty of people ready to help you take things out to your car, and shipping can be easily set up for any large pieces you buy. This show began in the 1950's, so you could say it's pretty well established at this point. If you're in or around New York City, New York, come pay us a visit! The next show runs from May 12 - May 17th, so you've got plenty of time for a day trip. We bring a variety of our best works to the show, so come see if we've got what you're looking for!

New York City Custom Made Furniture

Resurrected Furniture Design can build lovely custom pieces of furniture for your home or business. Even starting with the woods we choose to use, we hand select only the best hardwoods right off the bat, we never cut corners when it comes to materials. You’ve got to have a good base before you can do anything else. Since we do all of our own building by hand, depending on what you're looking for we can make just about any custom changes you may want. Even if you’re looking for something on the more abstract side, have a conversation with us and we’ll let you know what we can help you with! We've done a wide variety of jobs in the past, so we've seen a lot of wacky requests in our day. 

Custom Furniture Building

We don't just build these pieces for you specifically, we do it with the future generations of your family in mind too. We want you to be able to pass these pieces down one day, knowing that they're still in good shape and will last a long time. Ideally, the biggest issue you'll have with it down the road is just figuring out who you want to pass it down to. If you have a growing family, maybe you should purchase an assortment of pieces just to be safe! You can never have too much well-made custom furniture.

Your run of the mill factory-made furniture just can’t compare to a well-made custom piece of furniture on any front. These mass-produced pieces just don't have much attention paid to them, whereas when we're making a custom piece it gets our complete and full attention. For how long our pieces last, the value you get is so well worth the initial price, in the long run, it'll pay for itself many times over

Antique Furniture Reproduction  

Resurrected furniture design specializes in replicating vintage & antique furniture pieces with complete accuracy. Whether you need a chair that was part of a dining set re-made or you have a particular heirloom that you want to be replicated, we can reproduce it using period-accurate methods, materials, and tools. Authenticity is so important to us, we don’t just throw together some piece that looks similar to what you want. We make the exact piece over again for you, we even try to get the same hardwoods if we can help it, and if not we work hard to match up that and every little detail to what you’re looking for. 

We specialize in building custom furniture in the same ways that the master craftsman of the past did. The vintage furniture appearance is so popular these days, but the big price tags that accompany some true vintage pieces are just too high for the average joe. When it comes to your furniture, if you can help it, you really going custom-built is the way to go. Furniture that’s fabricated on a large scale tends to just be replicas of the same thing, with a custom piece YOU get exactly what you want and can be guaranteed that it's unique. The small details matter in a big way to us, we do our own dovetailing by hand rather than just using screws, to keep everything looking and feeling as authentically vintage as possible. We’ve come across all too many “vintage” pieces that you can tell right off the bat are not vintage and were not re-made at all in the same way. It may as well just be a normal piece of furniture. 

Antique Furniture Restoration

A lot of people have older pieces in their home that they absolutely love, but they’re really starting to tarnish and show their age, to a point you may be embarrassed to keep it out in your home. Fret not, Resurrected Furniture Design is here and we can refinish or refurbish all of your antiques and vintage pieces for you. A lot of these pieces really just need a solid facelift to get them looking as great as they once did, we take great care in being careful with every piece we work on and not being “done” until the job is absolutely perfect. There are a lot of “amateur craftsmen” out there that would love to save you a few bucks and do your restoration, but you may not come out with the end results that you're looking for. We have years of proven results behind us, you can trust us with all of your vintage furniture repair needs. So from repairing the arm of an old dining table chair to re-making the feet of your vintage couch because they’re falling apart, Resurrected Furniture can handle it. 

Custom Furniture Painting & Distressing

If you're looking for an affordable way to breathe some new life into your furniture, a custom paint job could be perfect for you! Re-doing the exterior if that's all that's needed will save you a lot of money in the long-run. A lot of different people CAN paint your furniture for you, but just because someone CAN do it does not mean that you're guaranteed quality work. We don't do this as a hobby, this is what we do professional and we take great pride in the work that we put out there. Our custom paint finishes are going to be mixed perfectly and applied masterfully every time. Learn more about our furniture painting and distressing here.

Since you're in the area, check out our page about the Brimfield, Massachusetts antique show for more info if you're curious! We come to this show every year and love it, come check out all of the cool stuff we have to show and just say hey! From antiques and vintage pieces to amazing custom furniture, Resurrected Furniture Design can do it all.