Resurrected Furniture Design at the Round Top, Texas Antique Fair

We love being able to go to the Round Top, Texas Antique Fair every year, we always have a blast showing off our work and meeting new people. The Round Top show is one of the best and most high-profile antique fairs in the whole country! We have met people from every corner of the country at this show, some travel great distances just because they know so many quality pieces of furniture are out here. It's a great opportunity to get some truly incredible furniture at fair prices, and people are standing by and ready to help you transport whatever you buy to your car or trailer, and shipping can be arranged on location if needed to ensure you get your furniture in one piece reasonably soon. Believe it or not, this show has been going on for 51+ years now, so it is NOT some thrown together a collection of tents with a few vendors. If you're in San Antonio, Texas, you're not too far away at all! The show runs from March 17th to April 5th every year, so you've got plenty of time to come take a day trip and visit! Check out our Round Top antique show page here for more detailed info on the show. We bring a lot of our best pieces with us, so we're sure you'll be able to find something you like. 

Custom Furniture San Antonio

When it comes to furniture, from building to reproducing and restoring, Resurrected Furniture Design are the people you can trust. Before anything else, it's so critical to us that only use the highest quality materials in every job we do. Cutting corners is just too risky to be worth it, the last thing we want is a piece we work on to be back in bad shape a few years later. The joy of custom building furniture is that we can change and influence every little thing you're looking for, even on the more abstract side. If you meet us at the Round Top, Texas antique show, come talk furniture with us! Check out our inventory, and we can talk custom pieces if you want! 

Custom Built Furniture

We don't just build these pieces for you specifically, we do it for future generations to use too! We want you to be able to pass these pieces down one day, and have them last many more years than that. Ideally, the biggest issue you'll have with these pieces are figuring out who to pass them on to. Having something you know will stay together and work perfectly for a long time just gives you peace of mind, you're getting a lot of use out of that money well spent.

Your run of the mill factory-made furniture just can’t compare to a well-made custom piece of furniture at all. These pieces made on a large scale just don't have any close attention paid to them, they could be half-built and nobody would be the wiser. For how long our pieces last, the value you get is so well worth the initial price, in the long run, it'll pay for itself many times over. 

Reproduction Vintage Furniture

Resurrected furniture design are masters at replicating antique pieces to truly look like they came from the period they were built in. Whatever you're looking for, new or old, we can get it built for you. Authenticity is so important to us, getting it "close" isn't enough. Our reproductions are as close to the real thing as you'll be able to get. Any number of people can build a piece of furniture, but few can authentically reproduce a vintage piece for you. 

We work hard to replicate the same methods and ways of working master craftsmen of the past did when building replica pieces. Vintage furniture is a big hit these days, but a lot of people are instantly turned off when they see the price. If you're in the market for furniture, you really want to get something custom made so you can be assured of the quality. Furniture that’s fabricated on a large scale tends to just be replicas of the same thing, with a custom piece YOU get exactly what you want and can be guaranteed that it's unique. The smallest details matter with your custom pieces, we don't take any little thing for granted. We’ve come across all too many “vintage” pieces that are obvious fakes and don't even try to be or look period-accurate, it truly makes us sad to see that. 

Furniture Restoration

Furniture looks good, until it doesn't. That day can come quickly, you may not even realize it. Fret not, as long as it's not too far gone it can always be restored back to its former glory. With the right touch, it doesn't take too much work to bring your furniture back from drab to fab. There are a lot of “amateur craftsmen” out there that claim they'll have your old piece looking factory new in a day, but we've talked with a lot of people at shows that lost a lot of money trusting these type of people without doing research or anything. 

Furniture Staining & Painting

If you're looking for an affordable way to breathe some new life into your furniture, a custom paint job could be perfect for you! It's a great way to save money AND come away with a piece of furniture that looks like new. Be wary that if you try to cut corners and go with a cheap option, it's a one-time thing so if it gets messed up, it's an issue. The least you can do for yourself is check reviews and ask around. We don't just do this as a hobby, this is what we do professional and we take great pride in the work that we put out there. Our custom paint finishes are going to be mixed perfectly and applied masterfully every time. Learn more about our furniture painting and distressing here.

Since you're in the area, check out our page about the Round Top, Texas Antique Fair for more info if you're curious! We come to this show every year and love it, come check out all of the cool stuff we have to show and just say hey! From antiques and vintage pieces to amazing custom furniture, Resurrected Furniture Design can do it all.