Alpharetta Custom Furniture Builders

Our main area of focus and big specialty here at Resurrected Furniture Design is building completely custom pieces of furniture for our customers, with your exact and specific instructions. It's stressful going out furniture shopping with something only in mind just to not find anything that really fits what you're looking for. It's not always easy to find exactly what you're looking for. When it comes to actually getting what you want, nothing compares to custom furniture. Imagine getting to plan every little detail and function of your furniture! We work directly with you to develop all of your ideas into a detailed plan for us to work from, with only the highest quality hardwoods and master craftsmanship. So if you're in the market for custom made furniture, we're the place to go. Regardless of what exactly you want, we can get the job done. 

Custom Built Antique Furniture Reproductions GA

We specialize in building custom pieces of furniture in the same exact styles and methods that the master craftsman of the past used, authenticity is of the utmost importance to us. Vintage pieces are only getting more and more popular, but many people can't make themselves justify the huge price tags. Custom-built furniture is just always the way to go, a stock piece will never give you the same value. Furniture made on a large scale just has less attention paid to it, and less love put into it. When you’re buying custom made vintage furniture, YOU get to decide on all of the different parts and pieces that are going to go into it so that you can ensure you get the perfect vintage piece that you’re looking for, no settling with the next best thing. The smallest details are far and away what matters the most, we even do our own dovetailing by hand just to ensure we’re 100% period accurate in the way we build our pieces. We want everything to look and feel as authentic as possible. Learn more about our custom furniture building here.

Custom Built Vintage Furniture Atlanta, Georgia

At Resurrected Furniture Design, we’re very passionate about all of the antique and vintage work that we do. Every single piece in our workshop is only built and worked on by the most skilled craftsman and woodworkers, using traditional woodworking methods and tools. We're even mindful of where we source our materials, we must have good parts before we can put together great furniture. We want your piece to stand strong for future generations to come! Whatever style you’re looking for, from old German to French, we can make your antique dream become a reality. We can accurately reproduce anything from beds, dressers, armoires, sofas, side tables to chairs and tables. Learn more about our furniture restoration and repair services here.

Custom Antique Furniture Staining, Painting and Distressing

Sometimes a simple paint or stain job could be all your vintage furniture needs to get it looking like new again, no full-on replacement or any other big steps needed! Having a full-on accurate reproduction made is not a cheap endeavor, so if your vintage piece isn’t in too bad of shape re-painting could be the perfect solution for you. Be wary of who you have painting your furniture, it can all go wrong so quickly in the wrong hands. This isn't a hobby for us, this is the job that we do every day and take great pride in. We mix our own paints and stains to ensure the right color balances and perfect appearance every time, we do our best to leave nothing to chance. Learn more about our furniture painting and distressing here.

Furniture Hardware Installation Atlanta, GA

It seems insignificant, but it's critical that you have good hardware on all of your furniture, it makes your daily life that much easier. Every single time you open a drawer you're trusting the hardware won't fail. Installing hardware sounds simple but it actually takes great attention to detail if you want it to keep working right. We've all dealt some kind of handle or hardware that just seems to always be falling off, and that's just an annoyance you don't want to put up with. We can help you avoid that for the long-term. Learn more about our new hardware installation here.