Hope Wreath - Ivory, 31"

Hand crafted wreath made of the most beautiful wood shaved flowers.

Product Description

Over the last year, we at RFD have created what we call the Hope wreath. We wanted to add something to our home décor line that would be different than anything on the market. It is a breath-taking hand crafted wreath made of the most beautiful wood shaved flowers. The Hope wreath is available in two different sizes (21” and 31”). Pictures don’t do it justice; it truly is an impressive wreath.
Product Value:
No matter who you are, generally people have an inherent need to be a part of something bigger than them. It’s hard to figure out what that is sometimes but the feeling is still there. Back when we started RFD, we wanted to create quality products that not only filled a need but also would bring joy to the people that bought them. We created the Hope wreath with that thought in mind. We wanted to make a quality product that not only fulfilled the need of the buyer but also could make them feel part of something greater than them. 
To that point, RFD is excited to be able to donate a percentage of the Hopewreath proceeds to people that are striving for HOPE.

The bible says to

“Rejoice in Hope, be patient in tribulation and to be constant in prayer” (Romans 12:12).

We are trying to reward the people that stay true to that message.  Join us and help keep Hope alive for someone today.


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