Resurrected Furniture Design @ Round Top Texas Antique Fair

*Right off the bat we want to make sure you know that due to concern over the virus, the show has been postponed to a later date. We will update everyone as soon as we know anything else, at the very least we look forward to seeing you all at the Spring show! You can check out the Round Top Texas Antique Fair Facebook Page for more info

Resurrected Furniture Design Furniture Sales Round Top, Texas Antique Show

We at Resurrected Furniture Design are proud to showcase some of our works at the Round Top Texas antique show every year. Widely recognized as one of the best antique shows in the nation, you’re guaranteed to find only genuine antiques and vintage pieces at this show! This show has been around for 51 years now, they’ve more than earned their reputation. They have three different shows a year, so you’ve never too far from a chance to see what all the vendors have to offer! You can look forward to a pretty painless buying process too, with porters to carry items to cars, shippers to handle large items, a/c, and free parking, all to make your experience that much better! 

We work hard to bring our best and brightest pieces here to really make a good impression and impact with any and all of our visitors! From re-furbished antiques to custom made pieces built in the same exact ways the antiques were, we should have just about anything that you may be looking for! We take great pride in the quality of every single piece of work that we put out, we don’t let a single piece leave our shop and make it to a show without it being something we’d put in our own home. So if you’re looking for the best furniture in Round Top, Resurrected Furniture Design is your go-to source.

Custom Built Vintage Furniture Reproduction Sales

We specialize in building custom furniture with the same exact methods that master craftsman used in the past, we know a lot of people love the vintage look but not the price that usually comes with vintage pieces. When it comes to your furniture, if you can help it, you really want to go custom-built any time you can. Furniture that’s fabricated on a large scale tends to just be replicas of the same thing, with a custom piece YOU get to decide on all the little parts and pieces that you want to be included, all while keeping with that perfect vintage look that you’re shooting for. It makes us sad to see people just decide to settle for something because it’s the best they can find, with our custom furniture making you are never ever going to settle. The small details matter in a big way to us, we do our own dovetailing by hand rather than just using screws, to keep everything period-accurate and feeling as authentically vintage as possible. Our main goal is to put out the exact piece that you want, while feeling and looking as authentic as possible. 

Custom Built Antique Furniture

At Resurrected Furniture Design, we are passionate about our antique & vintage reproductions. All of our furniture pieces are hand-built by skilled cabinetmakers and artisans using traditional woodworking techniques and tools. We carefully select all of the wood that we use in any piece, it would be a shame to put all that effort into a great piece just to have the wood itself be the weak point that gives out before anything else. our goal is for these pieces to stand strong and be there for you to pass down for future generations. From old French style to traditional English, we can help you bring your imagination to reality. Our collection of impeccable reproductions features something for every person and every function, including beds, dressers, armoires, sofas, accent tables, plant stands, whatever you need!

Antique Furniture Repair, Restoration, and Refinishing 

We don’t just make our own custom pieces of furniture, we also refinish and refurbish your existing pieces for you! Antique furniture just has a way of making any room it’s in feel elegant. The only negative of having vintage pieces or antiques in your home are that eventually they’re going to just degrade and lose some of that shine and need a facelift to get it looking as good as it once did. It’s important that when you are ready to have an antique refinished, you only go with the absolute best woodworkers and craftsman, like ourselves. You don’t want to risk the well-being of your entire piece risking the repair with some amateur who says they’ll save you a little bit of money. RFD can handle pretty much any of your antique repair needs. From a custom stain to re-upholstering a seat and replacing the leg of a chair, we can handle just about any of your furniture repair and refinishing needs. Learn more about our furniture restoration and repair services here.

Custom Furniture Painting & Distressing

If you're looking for an affordable way to breathe some new life into your furniture, a custom paint job could be perfect for you! Rather than having to replace your piece all together, we can save you a lot of money and just re-do the exterior to get it looking exactly like you want. A lot of different people CAN paint your furniture for you, but just because someone CAN do it does not mean that you're guaranteed quality work. We don't do this as a hobby, this is what we do professional and we take great pride in the work that we put out there. Our custom paint finishes are going to be mixed perfectly and applied masterfully every time. Learn more about our furniture painting and distressing here.

Furniture Hardware Installation

It seems insignificant, but it's critical that you have good hardware on all of your furniture, it just makes it that much easier to use every day. Every single time you open a drawer you're trusting the hardware won't fail. Installing hardware sounds simple but it actually takes great attention to detail if you want it to be perfect. We've all dealt with a cabinet that had a sagging door or a drawer that always seems to pull the handle off when it opens, and that's just an annoyance you don't want to put up with. We can help you avoid that for the long-term. Learn more about our new hardware installation here. 

If you see us at the show, come say hey! Let’s talk antiques and trade stories of our favorite pieces, you just might find we have something fantastic that’s just what you’ve been looking for! If you want more information, contact us here! Want to learn more about our Brimfield, Massachusetts antique show?